Business Intelligence

Boosting traditional BI tools with Big Data technology

The service we offer equips your business with the measurements and performance indicators and predictive strategy evaluation models that allow executives to be proactive to market changes and challenges.

Working with heterogeneous sources of information, we deliver solution that enables your business to gain insight into its critical operations through reporting and visualization applications and analysis tools.

Extended BI Functionality

Big Data extend functionality of traditional BI tools from Retrospective and Descriptive Analysis to Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis. On the delivery side it will be extension from Reports, Key Performance Indicators and Trends to Patterns, Correlations and Models.

Deeper Business Insight

Big Data provide ability to use more data to the business advantage: from the structure limited, processed data as a Data Warehouse in the traditional BI to the mix of heterogeneous raw data and data streams as a Data Lake.

Cost Optimization

Big Data technology optimizes the cost of Data Processing: initially designed to reduce the time and cost of the entire process workflow, this technology can be applied to the traditional BI tasks and significantly reduce the cost and delivery time for reports and dashboards.

Data Value Multiplication

Big Data technology allows the business to increase the value of data it owns, unlocking the hidden value of the data with patterns and predictions and creating new data through the data fusion integration process.