Big Data Processing

Big Data with Small Effort

Solebit Big Data solutions leverage Business Intelligence tasks by using modern technologies applied to the traditional sources and models.

At low cost and with significantly faster delivery time, we can process very large amount of data, from raw sources to the final analytical reports and dashboards.

Data Collection

  • Gathering raw data from diverse static and dynamic sources
  • Transforming data from a raw state into rich analytical resources
  • Data fusion, consolidation and integration

We collect and ingest raw data from heterogeneous static (batch) or dynamic (streaming) sources and provide clients with an ongoing service encompassing data clean-up, aggregation and normalization, prepare it for further predictive modelling and analytics. Heterogeneous data sources can be text documents, web pages, transaction records, various log files, relational or no-SQL databases and streaming feeds.

Data Analytics

  • Working with Structured and Unstructured data
  • Exploring large Big Data datasets in real-time
  • Applying advanced analytics algorithms

We perform real-time analytics, applying a wide range of advanced mathematical algorithms, views and models on client defined topics and contexts. Applied to the properly collected and prepared large-scale heterogeneous datasets, advanced analysis allows to find hidden patterns and correlations and get resulting KPIs and counters.

Data Presentation

  • Delivering real-time sophisticated reports in various formats
  • Graphically visualizing trends, KPIs and counters
  • Integrating API with business applications

We provide data processing results in various customized formats that fit client's requirements. Results can be visualized in custom reports, graphics, dynamic mobile friendly dashboards or provided as data files and data streams. With API engine, the data processing results can be integrated into client's business applications environment.