Why Solebit?

Complete stack of Big Data Processing services

With more information in structured and unstructured data form coming from diverse static and dynamic data sources, internal business systems as well as external sources like social media, market data, many organizations struggle to manage data exploding volume, diversity and complexity.
Solebit provides a range of analytics services from basic data management to sophisticated analytics consulting addressing proactive risk management, enhanced operational efficiency, ongoing market intelligence, and as a result, smarter decisions that drive cost reduction and revenue maximization.

Big Data
Platform Architecture

We deploy and support in-house implementation or collocate a platform for building big data pipelines from ETL to exploration and dashboards to advanced analytics and data products.

Big Data
Lifecycle Management

We support Data Processing during the entire data lifecycle, converting heterogenous raw bulk of diverse data to comprehensive reports that fit clients' requirements.

Big Data Apps
and Dashboarding

We develope comprehensive analytical, presentation and visualization applications with real-time dashboards, customized for business needs and integrated in client's environment.

BIG data with SMALL effort

We make big data processing rapid and cost effective.

Step into Big Data

How Big Data Analytics can help your organization succeed

Business Outcome

The Business Outcome of applying the Big Data technology is huge. With fairly low investments, tons of bulk raw data you keep almost useless on your storages become:

  • a valuable resource for analyzing your current business strategies and forecasting future steps;
  • a base to create new products (data streams or data sets) to sell to your clients and other businesses;
  • a new dimension of visual business reporting to your investors, executives and shareholders.

What is BIG DATA going to change for your Business?

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